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20 €/val.

Ghenwa Haddad (ghenhadd1005)

Kurpiu g., Kaunas

Dėstomi dalykai:
Prancuzų k., Anglų k.

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Užsiregistravo: 2023-04-26

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My name is Ghenwa Haddad I am a Lebanese second year medical student at LSMU. As a Lebanese, i am fluent in 3 languages:Arabic, French, and English (ir truputi lietuviškai ;) I started speaking french when i was 2 years old, and studied my whole life in a french system school which follows the french educational program. I also have a B2 delf diploma with a very high grade. I noticed the interest of Lithuanian citizens in the french language, and decided therefore to try to contribute in teaching french or arabic to the people who would be interested in learning it. The price of one hour lesson will be 20 euros.

Dėstomi dalykai:

Prancuzų k. (20 /val.)
Anglų k. (20 /val.)


I have experience in teaching kids.
For the languages, i have a B2 diploma in French as well as 18 years in a French educated school
For arabic, i speak and write fluent arabic, as i have always lived in Lebanon, with more than 18 years of experience


I am a person that gives a lot of importance to studying happily, and i firmly believe that learning should be more fun than a duty. I am a positive and hardworking person who will push you to thrive for your goal.

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